Ukraine Crisis Appeal

Each year AIPIO selects a worthy charitable organisation to support. In addition to the traditional silent auction which will be held at the Conference Dinner we wish to extend our support to this charity by connecting our members and delegates to their fundraising webpage.

Since 24 February, nearly 12.8 million people are estimated to have been displaced in Ukraine, most of whom have not left the country. According to the most recent estimates, 7.7 million people are internally displaced as a result of the conflict, which is equivalent to 17.5 percent of the entire population. These are people who have had to leave their homes and everything behind in a desperate attempt to escape death and destruction.” – UN human rights experts (source).

This year we have selected Ukraine Crisis Appeal for our charity, given the important work they do providing in emergency relief and humanitarian aid to those affected by the war.

We are witnessing a devastating humanitarian crisis unfold in Ukraine as the result of Russian invasion:

  • ​Tens of thousands of people have been killed
  • Tens of thousands of people have been wounded
  • Hundreds of cities and towns in Ukraine have been destroyed
  • Hundreds of thousands of people have no food, water, heat, electricity or medical care
  • More than 10 million people have been displaced

History of operations 2015 to 2022

Prior to 2022, the Ukraine Crisis Appeal raised over $400,000 and assisted 100’s of veterans, children and families. The Appeal contributed over $105,000 to an occupational therapy training program and a further $330,000 to family and veterans’ rehabilitation and social adaptation programs across Ukraine.

How is your donation being used today

  • Housing and medical supplies are the current priorities
  • $6.7 million has been raised since Russia’s full-scale invasion in February 2022
  • Over 10,000 donors: individuals, corporates and fund-raising events
  • $1.25 million contributed towards the Caritas Ukraine Emergency Aid program (with over 1 million beneficiaries), to help victims of war with emergency shelter, food, clean water, clothing, bedding, medical and trauma assistance, as well as assisting Ukrainians fleeing to safety across borders.
  • $1.53 million of critical medical supplies have been purchased.
  • $17.5 million worth of medical equipment and supplies were donated to Ukraine for hospitals and health workers.
  • $680,000 is being spent with Rotary Kyiv for Stage 1 of establishing 5 Internally Displaced Person centres across Ukraine. Each will house 300–500 people. Irpin and Bucha will have centres by the end of July.

Why choose to donate to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal?

  • The AFUO Humanitarian Aid Committee carefully selects programs that will provide the most benefit to Ukraine.
  • Since 2013 they have worked with trusted partners on programs designed with defined outcomes, KPIs and timelines.
  • This is the only fund in Australia that is tax deductible, is managed by volunteers (NO administration fees) and has direct ties with Ukraine. RAWCS charges a mere 2.75% for administration.
  • 97.25% of donations are spent directly on those suffering the effects of war.

A detailed report on the valuable work that is being undertaken is available here 

Donate today to Ukraine Crisis Appeal and help save lives in Ukraine!


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