The field of Intelligence provides exciting career pathways across many different agencies and sectors, as well as fellowship in a growing national and global community of practitioners and scholars.
As the peak professional body for intelligence professionals in Australia, AIPIO is committed to:

  • Connection: Connecting members across intelligence communities and encouraging cross-domain collaboration
  • Sharing: Sharing cutting edge and emerging global intelligence practices and enabling technologies
  • Supporting: Supporting, representing and advocating for intelligence professionals throughout their career

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IAFIE was formed in June 2004 to provide a catalyst and resources for their development of Intelligence Studies. The founding members recognized the need for a professional organization that draws its members from various intelligence disciplines including national security, law enforcement, and competitive intelligence. Membership includes educators, trainers, and practitioners. Our purpose is to

  • Expand research, knowledge, and professional development in intelligence education
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information on intelligence issues
  • Advance the intelligence profession by setting standards and sharing knowledge in intelligence studies
  • Foster relationships and cultivate cooperation among intelligence professionals
  • Develop, disseminate, and promote theory, curricula, methodologies, techniques, and best practices for pure and applied intelligence 



The International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts is non-profit organization established in the United States in 1981.  It is the largest professional organization in the world representing intelligence analysts.  IALEIA’s mission is to advance high standards of professionalism in intelligence analysis within the academic, private, and governmental sectors at the local, state/provincial, national/tribal, and international levels.  The aim is to enhance understanding of the role of intelligence analysis; encourage the recognition of intelligence analysis as a professional endeavor; develop international qualification and competency standards; reinforce professional concepts; devise training standards and curricula; furnish advisory and related services on intelligence analysis matters; conduct analytic-related research studies; and, provide the ability to disseminate information regarding analytical techniques and methods.  IALEIA emphasizes, facilitates, and promotes networking within the intelligence analysis community at all levels through its 18 regional chapters worldwide and partnerships with organizations such as AIPIO and others.



ACIA is a community of crime and intelligence analysts from across the UK and Ireland. You’ll find our 700+ members in a very wide variety of roles in both the public and private sector, in teams and organisations that might surprise you! This rich diversity of backgrounds is a strength as we come together.

We connect our community to develop our analytical skills through interaction and the exchange of ideas and knowledge. We encourage each other to challenge how and why things are done, to innovate and to continuously learn. We support each other as a community of practitioners.

ACIA is run by, and all its activities are organised by, volunteers from amongst the community.


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The New Zealand Institute of Intelligence Professionals is an incorporated society with the vision of “shaping intelligence pathways” within New Zealand. We exist to provide benefit to our members who are intelligence practitioners working in a wide and diverse range of roles within the fields of national security, defence, law enforcement, compliance, business, academia and information technology.



CASIS is dedicated to the study of intelligence and security issues of interest to students, teachers, practitioners and the general public in Canada. Currently our major outreach is through open conferences. At the national level we have a major symposium every fall featuring a security and intelligence topic of wide interest. Intelligence experts from Canada, the US and Europe are featured speakers. Attendees are students, teachers and the general public, but there is also a strong representation from government departments and intelligence and security agencies, since the symposium is held in Ottawa. CASIS also has a very strong branch in Vancouver which draws on students from Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia to organize conferences and symposiums.



The Canadian Association of Professional Intelligence Analysts (CAPIA) is an informal association of professionals who deal with intelligence, drawn from federal government departments and agencies. It is housed in the Privy Council Office, Intelligence Assessment Secretariat.

Formed in 2003, CAPIA was created to promote a sense of community amongst Canadian intelligence analysts and their managers. It aims to set the standard for professional development in the intelligence community in Canada. This is accomplished through participation in CAPIA’s annual schedule of events which include workshops, brown-bag lunches and socials events.

CAPIA exists for the benefit of professional analysts and their management. Participation in CAPIA is open to federal public servants and members of the Canadian Armed Forces with a minimum SECRET level security clearance, whose responsibilities include the formal analysis and use of security and intelligence products, and whose organizations are represented on the Steering Committee.

By promoting the efficient and effective stewardship of analytical resources, CAPIA will help to ensure that the Government of Canada has the best intelligence analysis professionals and products, in support of its policy making and decision making procedures. CAPIA offers a secure space in which analysts from throughout government can interact informally, share insights and best practices, in order to enhance their professional performance.

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